A campaign "To end compulsive prostitution and violence against women"


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Psychosocial counseling session for the staffs of Raksha Nepal    |   Musical Therapy for quake affected students!!    |   Relief program at Lalitpur, Malta    |   Relief Program at Mahendrajyoti V. D. C., Karthumka Village, Kavrepalanchowk    |   Relief Program at Chhampi

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We can change the life of those who have no hope

We are grateful to all organizations,well-wishers,individuals who have been supporting our campaign to end ''Compulsive Prostitution and Sexual exploitation'' since it's inception in 2004 to date. Without your continued helping hands,warm love and encouragement, Raksha Nepal would not have been able to reach to this height today.



Raksha Nepal (RN) is an NGO established in 2004

Raksha Nepal (RN) is an NGO established in 2004. RN is run by women and girls who have been sexually exploited. Therefore, the organization is dedicated to those women and girls who have landed knowingly and unknowingly in a distressing profession, such as prostitution. In its initiation to empower these women and girls, RN is committed to make them aware of how to protect themselves in their current roles, and build their capacity to identify alternative livelihood opportuni ...[ Read More ]


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