A campaign "To end compulsive prostitution and violence against women"


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Regular Activities

  • Conduct survey and research
  • Conduct awareness on health
  • Rescue and rehabilitation
  • Women empowerment and skill development training
  • Media, monitoring and advocacy
  • Coordination to local level
  • Psycho-socio counseling
  • Legal aids

Proposed Activities

  • Arrange and implement job-skill training, including job-related and self-employment skills, and skills applicable in both urban and rural areas to meet the varied needs of our target group.
  • Develop markets for goods made by the women, both domestic and international.
  • Perform a census of women in massage parlors, dance bar, cabin and dohoree sanjh to understand the scope of the problem, and the needs for women to free themselves.
  • Work with legal organizations to understand the laws regarding sexual exploitation of women.
  • Advocate for changes in law to protect women against sexual exploitation.
  • Advocate for enforcement of laws and changes in social norms to protect women against sexual exploitation.
  • Carry out behavior change programs in massage parlors to protect the sex workers from HIV/ AIDS and STDs.
  • Develop a network of organizations providing health, financial and other services needed by our target group.  Refer the women to these organizations as needed.
  • Develop a network of organizations working against commercial sexual exploitation of women to work jointly to address the issues of our target group.
  • Work with a micro-finance organization to develop savings and credit facilities for the women in our target group.
  • Establish rehabilitation centre for the target group.




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