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Voice of Raksha Nepal

Every Sunday Evening between 6 and 7 PM, please tune in to Radio City FM 98.8, to listen to “Voice of Raksha” program, a joint presentation of Raksha Nepal and Radio City.


Featured Programs:

1. Introduction Program of Rakshanepal

2. Interview with Chair Person Miss. Menuka Thapa [Asar 24, 2069]

3. Interview with Program Director Mr. Rabin Malla

4. Interview with Miss Muna Nepali

5. Interview with Mrs Somaya Khapung

6. Interview with Miss Gyanu


Major Activities/Programs

Shelter Home:Raksha Nepal has been providing shelter to women, girls and children.
STD Prevention: Through counseling, discussions, seminars, workshops and informational handouts, Raksha raises awareness about safe sex, HIV/STD prevention, and the legal rights of women.

Raksha Shree Polyclinic: As RN's target group is most susceptible to health hazards, it has established a polyclinic which runs regular free check-ups for them. Moreover, through counseling, discussion, seminars, workshop and information handouts, RN has been able to raise awareness about safer sex, reproductive health, safe motherhood, HIV/STD prevention among its beneficiaries.   

Research and Survey: Raksha conducts surveys for women from our target group around Kathmandu, with a focus on those working in Thamel. These surveys are helpful in identifying the magnitude of abuse and the best way to address it.

Coordination with Media: Raksha, in coordination with the media, focuses on issues of women in order gain attention of all the stakeholders. Such coordination also helps in identifying solutions to the existing problems faced by women and girls working in places with high risk of sexual exploitation.
Awareness and Training Programs: Raksha offers different trainings to empower the women. The trainings include leadership development, income generation and skill enhancement. After completion of the trainings, Raksha provides some seed money to the trainees to set up their own business.

Raksha Shree Cooperative: In collaboration with women and girls who has faced sexual abuse, Raksha has established a saving and credit cooperative named Raksha Shree Cooperative. The aim of the cooperative is to strengthen their moral and make them independent with an easy access to micro-credit to start their own business.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program: Once the beneficiaries are empowered and ready, RN either rehabilitates them through job placements of reintegrates in their families / communities (creating a conducive environment), according to the will of the women and girls

Psycho-social and Trauma Counseling: Raksha Nepal has been providing free counseling to the women, girls and children who have gone through different forms of violence ; physical, mental, sexual abuse, motivating them to live better life.

Women’s School: Raksha has been supporting the women and girls deprived from education by running two women’s schools in different locations of Kathmandu.

Educational Support: Raksha has been providing financial support for education to children displaced by conflict and without families, or to children of sexual victims.

Legal Aid: Most of the beneficiaries of RN are estranged from their family and society. The legal aid and counseling help them in the process of getting their civil and property rights.




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