A campaign "To end compulsive prostitution and violence against women"


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In a desperate effort to provide shelter and food for their children, women are often forced to remain in abusive and exploitative situations.  Furthermore, studies have shown there to be a strong link between internal sexual exploitation and external sex trafficking, so unless they are helped early on there is a great risk of further abuse.  However, with no other options for providing food and shelter for their children, women are often forced to remain in exploitative situations.  Therefore, child care is often the first thing women need in order to escape from exploitation.

Raksha Nepal helps these women and girls escape from their situation by providing a safe and nurturing shelter for them and for their children. Raksha Nepal also gives them a new chance to build a dignified livelihood by providing them with skills and knowledge for empowerment and success.  At the moment Raksha Nepal is sheltering more than 35 women and children.  With limited funding it is impossible for Raksha Nepal to provide shelter, food, clothing and care services for all beneficiaries without the help of generous donations.  Therefore, we are urgently appealing for your help. Your valuable  donations change the lives of our beneficiaries and their children.




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