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Musical Awareness Program for Teej Festival

Musical Awareness Program for Teej Festival

Raksha Nepal has been organizing special program every year for the positive transformation of women lives by enhancing their awareness through musical program. Likewise, Raksha Nepal also organized and celebrated the Teej festival on the auspicious occasion of Haritalika Teej, the greatest festival of Nepali women on 18 Bhadra 2073 (03 September 2016) at CW restaurant Kathmandu. On the occasion, about 700 women were present.

The program was chaired by the founder chairperson of Raskha Nepal Ms Menuka Thapa and the chief guest of the program was Ms Rekha Thapa, the most promising actress of Nepali film industry. Similarly, Ms Kiran Bajracharya, superintendent of Nepal Police Bhaktapur district and also a role model of Nepali women was the special guest of the program. Senior artist such as: Jitu Nepal, reporters and group members of Raksha Nepal had attended the musical awareness function.

Certainly, Teej festival is celebrated with great joy in Nepali society where women sing, dance and have fun. During the celebration they forget their pain and sorrows. Raksha Nepal, a social organization which is established thirteen years ago has been celebrating the Teej festival to create awareness and disseminate message against all forms of sexual violence. Same as the last years, this time also, different informative songs were played and women danced. Most importantly, the sexual violence affected children who are under the protection of Raskha Nepal performed their very beautiful dances. The program was aired lively by the Radio City FM 98.8 megahertz and also was transmitted in a program Indreni  of ABC television lively.

All the participants were provided delicious meal on the auspicious event which is also called daar in Nepali. The meaning of daar is very delicious meal in English. Moreover, six personalities were felicitated in the program for their significant contribution in helping towards meeting Raskha Nepal’s mission to end all forms of sexual violence against women, girls and children. Addressing the program most popular actress of Nepali film industry, Rekha Thapa said that she is always with all the sisters of Raksha Nepal and she further assured that the women should never feel lonely because she is always with them any time.

Finally, Raksha Nepal wants to thank all the guests and participants for providing their valuable time in making the program successful. In the future also, Raksha Nepal will continue to provide awareness and disseminate message in ending sexual violence against women, girls and children. At last but not the least, Raksha Nepal would like to thank Ms Sushma Mahara of Facial House Kathmandu for her financial support in organizing the event.


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